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    The Radio Era began in the 1920s. Its emergence helped Solomon Michaux’s ministry. Radios attracted large listening audiences. Any listener who had a radio could hear the message. The Pastor used the air waves to reach limitless numbers of listeners and gain new converts. Michaux was one of the first black radio personalities. In the early 1920s Michaux began broadcasting his radio message over Station WJSV now known as WSVY. In 1927, Pastor Michaux further extended his gospel message when he began broadcasting on the new national Columbia Broadcasting Company (CBS) that was formed that year. Michaux’s work with the CBS network gave him a large national listening audience. Pastor Michaux also broke new ground with television as one of the first black television evangelists…

    In 1936, Solomon Michuax purchased a tract of land, 1,000 acres near Jamestown, Virginia to found a National “Mecca” for Black Americans.  History had convinced him that Jamestown was the cradle of slavery in America.  Michaux somehow felt a recreational area with various entertainments was a suitable way to recognize the place.  Of course he knew that leisure time activities would bring forth necessary financial returns.   Michaux designated the area “The National Memorial to the Progress of the Colored Race in America.”  The Jamestown Foundation has since purchased much of the land purchased in 1936; however, in tribute to Solomon Michaux, a historical marker was placed near Jamestown and dedicated in October 1992.