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Thyne Institute

Thyne Institute began educating African Americans in Mecklenburg County, Virginia around 1876.  J.H. Aspenhurst, son of a pastor saw the need for schooling  the African American population and began teaching wherever space was available. John Thyne deeded property to the United Presbyterian Church and built a two-story structure for the education of Negroes.  In 1878, Mr. Ashenhurst moved his students into the new school.  The school became the first organized school for African Americans in Mecklenburg County.  It continued to operate until 1951. The school became accredited by the Virginia Department of Education in 1914.  A boarding school was formed to accommodate students from Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton Roads.  Enrollment peaked around 1950 with a student body of 650 and a graduating class of more than 140.  The school was purchased in 1946 by the Mecklenburg County Public Education System.  By 1970 the buildings were torn down and a new elementary school was built.   []

 Thyne Institute, Chase City, Mecklenburg Co.


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