Jim Crow

Virginia State Constitutional Convention


Most of our people up this way are in favor of the “Jim Crow” bill, and hope that it may become law.


Rough Creek, C.C.


Constitutional Convention met where members focused on restricting black voting rights without violating the fifteenth amendment to the United States Constitution or disfranchising poor whites.


One Response to Jim Crow

  • Editor says:

    The Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1901–1902 produced the Virginia Constitution of 1902 and is an important example of post-Reconstruction efforts to restore white supremacy in the American South by disenfranchising large numbers of blacks and working-class whites. Remaining in effect until July 1, 1971, the constitution did much to shape Virginia politics in the twentieth century—a politics dominated by a conservative Democratic Party that fiercely resisted the New Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society, the civil rights movement, and, with special fervor, federally mandated public school desegregation.