Poinsetta Plant

Poinsettia is a Beautiful, Safe Holiday Plant

            One of the most popular Christmas plants is the Poinsettia.  Introduced to the United States in 1825 by Joel Robert Poinsett, who was the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico, the colorful plant came from the wilds of southern Mexico.  The common name for the exotic plant, Poinsettia, came from his last name.  With the introduction of long-lasting varieties, the popularity of the Poinsettia has increased significantly.  Because the plant is somewhat tropical, it requires daily care to remain beautiful in our homes during the holiday season.

            Do’s and Don’ts of Poinsettia Care: Do place the plant in indirect sunlight at least six hours per day.  A sunny window facing south, east, or west is better than one facing north;  Do provide room temperature between 68 and 70 during the daylight hours and, if possible, move it to a cooler place at night that is not any lower than 50;  Do water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch.  Check daily.  A wilted plant may drop its leaves prematurely.  Remove the colorful foil wrapper or decorative container and place the plant on a saucer so that the water can run to the drain hole.  Discard any water that collects;  Do place us a large, roomy shopping bag to protect the plant when transporting it;  Don’t place plants near cold drafts, excessive heat, appliances, fireplaces or ventilating ducts;  Don’t let any part of the plant touch the cold windowpanes because this may injure it;  Don’t expose plant to temperatures below 50 because they are sensitive to the cold;  Don’t over water the plant or allow it to sit in standing water;  Don’t fertilize your plant when it is in bloom.  Wait until new growth appears in several months.

The Poinsettia is not poisonous….

In 1992, the Poinsettia was included in a list of houseplants most helpful in removing pollutants from indoor air.  So not only is the Poinsettia a safe and beautiful addition to the holiday décor, it can help keep your indoor air clean.