Cost of Educating The Negro

Dr. A.G. Haygood, who is the agent of the Slater fund for educating the colored people, replies to the assertion that the North is doing much, while the South is doing little for the education of the Negro.  It is true that certain philanthropist have have contributed toward the support of certain schools for this purpose, but the amount thus contributed is trifling compared with what is expended by Southern States.  Not to speak of the establishment of such schools as the Collegiate Institute at Petersburg, Virginia alone has given over $4,000,000 for the common school education of the negro.  Alabama has spent $3,5000,000 for this purpose, and Georgia over $2,555,000.  During the past fifteen years, it is believed that at least twelve millions of dollars has been spent in the Southern States for the education of colored people.  When it is remembered that this has been given mainly by Democrats, the colored people themselves refusing even to pay a capitation tax, the claim of Republicans for superior regard for the negro, may well be questioned.